Philadelphia Eagles vs Miami Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Game Analysis

Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis

Eagles and Dolphins both teams fans are eagerly waiting for their week 3 preseason game. That’s why Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis is now a burning question. Philadelphia Eagles joined in the NFL from NFC (East) on the other hand, Miami Dolphins are from AFC (East) division. Eagles based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania established in 1933. On the contrary, Dolphins based in Miami Metropolitan Area established in 1965. As a part of the prediction, we discuss their 2016 season record, week 1 preseason stats. week 2 preseason stats, last five games result, their preseason schedule 2017.

Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Schedule 2017

Eagles 2016 Season Record

Stats: 10-06 (Wins-Losses)

Wins: @Cleveland, @Chicago, @Pittsburgh, @Minnesota,@Atlanta, @NY Giants, @Dallas

Losses: @Detroit, @Washington (Two times), @Dallas, @NY Giants, @Seattle, @Green Bay, @Cincinnati, @Baltimore

Eagles 2016 Season Highlights

Dolphins 2016 Season Record

Stats: 10-06 (Wins-Losses)

Wins: @New England, @Pittsburgh, @Buffalo (Two times), @NY Jets (Two times), @ Chargers, @ Rams, @49ers, @Arizona,

Losses: @Seattle, @New England (Two times), @Cincinnati, @Tennessee, @Baltimore

Dolphins 2016 Season Highlights

Eagles Week 1 Preseason Stats

Eagles Week 1 Preseason Stats is closely related to Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis. In week 1 Eagles meet with Packers on Thursday night. Let’s check out their week 1 quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter: Eagles score 06 where Packers score 0

2nd Quarter: Eagles score 0 Packers score 17

3rd Quarter: Eagles score 03 Packers score 0

4th Quarter: Eagles 0 Packers score 07

Finally, it seems that Green Bay Packers beat Eagles by 24-09.

Eagles Week 2 Preseason Stats

Similar to Week 1 Eagles Week 2 Preseason stats have also a huge importance for Eagles Dolphins Preseason Prediction. Eagles met with Bills on August 17 night. Now it’s time to have a look at their Week 2 games quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter: At first Eagles start the game with score 03 where Bills score 0.

2nd Quarter: Secondly, Bills strike and score 06 but Eagles here score 10.

3rd Quarter: Thirdly, Bills score 03 but here Eagles score nil

4th Quarter: Lastly, both teams score 07.

At the end, Eagles beat Bills by 20-16.

Dolphins Week 1 Preseason Stats

Dolphins Week 1 Preseason Stats is also important for Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis. Miami Dolphins met with Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night August 10. Ultimately they have successfully completed their Preseason Week 1. Consequently, let’s read out their Week 1 stats quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter: Falcons 07- Dolphins 03

2nd Quarter: Falcons 07- Dolphins 07

3rd Quarter: Here Falcons score 06 but Dolphins score nil.

4th Quarter: At last, Falcons score nil but Dolphins score winning 13.

Finally, it finds that Miami Dolphins beat Atlanta Falcons by 23-20

Dolphins Week 2 Preseason Stats

Likewise, Week 1 Week 2 Preseason Stats is also very important for Eagles Dolphins Preseason Prediction. In Week 2 Dolphins meet Ravens on August 17. So, let’s check out Week 2 quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter: Dolphins 0 – Ravens 0

2nd Quarter: Dolphins 07- Ravens 13

3rd Quarter: Here Ravens strike and score 08 where Dolphins score 0.

4th Quarter: Lastly, Ravens score again 10 but Dolphins score nil.

Finally, it shows that Ravens beat Dolphins by 31-07.

Last Five Games Result

  • November 15, 2015: Dolphins beat Eagles by 20-19 at Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)
  • December 12, 2011: Eagles beat Dolphins by 26-10 at Sun Life Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • 18th November 2007: Eagles beat Dolphins by 17-07 at Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 15th December 2003: Eagles beat Dolphins by 34-27 at Pro Player Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)
  • October 24, 1999: Dolphins beat Eagles by 16-13 at Pro Player Stadium (Miami Gardens, FL)

Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Prediction

Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins both have their individual strength to win a match. But yet there are a couple of differences between them. Furthermore, Eagles failed to complete their week 1 successfully. On the other hand, Dolphins successfully completed their week 1 with a massive win. Moreover, in all time meeting Dolphins lead the series by 8-6. On the contrary, Eagles are ahead in their last five meetings. Finally, according to the both teams stats, there are 50-50 winning chances between them. Although, Eagles lose the preseason week 1 game but they win Preseason week 2. Similarly, Dolphins on week 1 but lose week 2 games. So, Eagles Dolphins Preseason Prediction goes 50-50 chances of a win for both teams.

Eagles vs Dolphins Game Highlights


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