Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry 2018 (Getty Images)

Cowboys vs Eagles Rivalry : High Profile NFL Rivalry

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry is one of the highest rated rivalry over the decades in the NFL. When a Cowboys fan sees the word Eagle it strikes huge hatred and stirs up butterflies. There are many more NFL enmities but this one is the most intense and deeply rooted and has lasted for three decades with intense battles and followers who despise each other. The Eagles first met with the Cowboys in the year 1960 September 30th at Cotton Bowl where the Cowboys lost to the Eagles 27-25.



The two teams have met each other for as many as 166 time with 4 post season games. The two teams have played together for over 58 seasons since 1960 to 2017. The two teams have never tied in any game. The Cowboys have won with 63 regular season and 3 postseasons with the Eagles following with 50 regular seasons and 1 postseason game. The Dallas Cowboys have remained at the forefront with a total of 2,491 points and the Philadelphia Eagles at second position with 2332 points.

The Eagles have met with the Cowboys on Monday Night Football 12 times where the Dallas Cowboys won 7 games. The two teams have also met on Sunday Night Football 10 times with the last meeting being in the year 2016 30th October. The two teams recently played on January 21st 2017in the Lincoln Financial field at Philadelphia where the Eagles emerged winners from the Cowboys with 27-13 scores. In this recent game for the first time since 2015 November Tony Romo played and threw passes to Terrance Williams.

Cowboys vs Eagles Rivalry Game Schedule 2018-19

Regular-Season Week 10

Sunday, November 11 at 8:20p ET
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles
Lincoln Financial Field

Regular-Season Week 14

Sunday, December 9 at 4:25p ET
Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys
AT&T Stadium

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Reason For The Rivalry

The Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry started in 1966 when the Eagles won the last term for 12 years.

In the year 1989 Buddy Ryan, Eagles coach, apparently placed 200 dollars on Luis Zendejas, cowboys kicker, but the accusations were never proven true or false. In 1981 after 10 years of loosing the Eagles won because of a tie which was broken with the cowboys loosing. This heightened the rivalry as the Cowboys wanted their glory of winning back.

Memorable Moments

One of the most exciting games was the one that  held in 1989 where cowboys kicker had a bounty placed on him by the Eagles coach. This game was then named “the Bounty Bowls”. Two weeks later a rematch took place in Philadelphia, the Cowboys were having a poor play that season and they lost to the Eagles. This heightened the rivalry as fans went wild in the field. In this games fans threw snowballs and beer at Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson who called the fans thugs. The fans keep fighting each other in a 2015  video where  a Cowboys fan, Jorge Castillo, injured his alleged eagles fan brother, Ignacio Castillo.

The rivalry is still on up to date . The fans keep looking forward to more exiting games of the 2017 season.

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