Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship

 Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship History




The Eagles are one of the professional NFL team in the league. Established in 1933 Eagles is one of the oldest NFL teams still playing today. Philadelphia Eagles were formed to replace the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets With this introduction. Let’s see a couple of games that are major ones in the history of Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship.

Eagles rivalry with New York Giants is one of the oldest rivalries in the history of NFL. It is one of the top 10 rivalries in the NFC East division and NFL history. They also have a historic rivalry with Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. Philadelphia Eagles consistently rank in the top 10, and every match they play is entirely sold off.  Eagles are one of the most famous teams in NFC Championship.

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1980: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

In the 1980 NFC championship game, after losing past three games, Philadelphia Eagles came back strongly to beat Dallas Cowboys resoundingly. The final score was 20 – 7.

Eagles finished top in 1980 due to a tie-breaking procedure. Because of that claimed number one overall seed. 1980 NFC championship was also called the “blue jersey game”.  The Eagles made Dallas Cowboys wear their cursed blue jerseys and then went on to defeat them 20-7.

Even though Philadelphia quarterback Ron Jaworski completed only nine of 29 passes for 91 yards and got intercepted twice, Wilbert Montgomery led the Eagles to a victory by running for 194 yards and a touchdown.Dallas is a high scorer in the NFL during the regular season, but they failed to score against the strong defense provided by Eagles.

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2004: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons

With Atlanta’s hope their quarterback Michael Vick failed to penetrate Eagles defense, Atlanta Falcon‘s started this game on a weak note. Both the team started looking to score goals to take the lead. the  Eagles began with a bang by scoring 7-0 lead, aptly helped by Brian Westbrook, L.J. Smith, and Dorsey Levens.

Atlanta tried to regain by scoring three goals with the support of Warrick Dunn, and T.J.Duckett has to settle for a 7-3 lead by the Eagles.From this point onwards, the game become completely one-sided with Atlanta Falcons not able to do a thing.Philadelphia Eagles become NFC champion with the winning score of 27-10.

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