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Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl
Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl History


The Eagles opened its campaign in NFL only after the departure of the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets. The franchise booked its spot in the NFC East Division. The Eagles had a close connection with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the two teams swapped homes and even played as a single unit in 1943. Philadelphia Eagles happen to be the only side to defeat the Vince Lombardi‘s team after whom the Super Bowl trophy is named. In NFL Championship games, Eagles recorded three wins out of their four appearances. They won it twice before and once after the merger. Since the start of the Super Bowl, Eagles have qualified for the game twice where didn’t manage a win. let’s check out Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowls history.

Philadelphia Eagles NFL Championships

The team from Pennsylvania has been playing competitive professional football since 1933. the 84 years old team has won three NFL league championships before 1970 when the super bowl trends began. Though the Eagles have made two Super Bowl appearances after that but couldn’t make it to title winning. The previous three league championships are considered as Super Bowl. Below goes the discussion on such old version Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowls in detail.

1948: Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Cardinals

December 19, 1948, was a day for the 16th NFL Championship game. The contest had to choose the NFL champions between the same two teams that battled last year. Chicago Cardinals were defending the title. The game began after a 30 minutes delay due to heavy snowfall. Since the kickoff, the play went without a score till the fourth quarter. Then a Cardinals fumble in their own field triggered Steve Buren’s 5-yard touchdown. The game ended 7-0 and Eagles had their first NFL title.

1949: Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams

The 17th NFL Championship game was the third consecutive appearance for the Eagles. They played the game against Los Angeles Rams on December 18, 1949. The play this time was interrupted with rains, and the ground was a mud pit. The first quarter went scoreless. In the second quarter, Pete Pihos took a 31-yard pass from Tommy Thompson of a Cliff Patton kick. Next, in the third quarter,  Leo Skladany blocked a punt return of 2-yards on Patton’skick. The fourth quarter saw no scoring, and the Eagles clinched their second NFL title.

1960: Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers

The 1960 NFL Championship game was historic. This match was the only playoff defeat for the Packer’s coach Vince Lombardi. He had won five NFL titles and two Super Bowls in 7 years. Eagles and Packers kicked off on December 26, 1960. Paul Hornung’s 20-yard field goal gave the Packers 3-0 lead. He made it 6-0 with another 23-yard field goal in the second quarter. Philadelphia made a comeback with a 35-yard pass followed by a 15-yard field goal. Eagles led 10-6 at half time. Nobody scored in third quarter and fourth quarter gave 7 points to each side. The final score read 17-13 for Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Appearances

One of the oldest NFL teams, Philadelphia Eagles with three NFL league championships have made it to Eagles Super Bowl Appearance two times. one in 1980 and another in 2004. though they couldn’t win, they gave a tough fight to make debut in Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowls winning. Followings are the short description of two Eagles Super Bowl Appearance.

1980: Philadelphia Eagles vs Oakland Raiders

The Super Bowl XV had to decide the world champion between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders. On January 25, 1981, Raiders played their third Super Bowl game and the Eagles their first. The Raiders equaled the highest lead in the first quarter with 14-0. Philadelphia scored 3 in the second quarter, and the halftime score was 14-3. In the third quarter, Cliff Branch took a 29-yard pass from Jim Plunkett, and Chris Bahr scored a 46-yard field goal. The score now read 24-3. In the last quarter, Eagles scored 7 and Raiders scored 3. Raiders won the game 27-10.

2004: Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

Philadelphia got another chance of being the world champion when it appeared in the Super Bowl XXXIX. They had to beat the New England Patriots to achieve the feat. The game went too tight. The first quarter was scoreless, and the teams scored 7 points each in both the second and third quarter. Now the score tied at 14-14 when. In fourth quarter. In the last quarter, Dillon’s 2-yard touchdown run and Vinatieri’s 22-yard field goal took the Patriots to a lead of 24-14. Finally, a 30-yard touchdown reception by Lewis made it 24-21. Eagles lost it again.

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