New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry


New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry
New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry 2018 (Getty Images)


Giants vs Eagles Rivalry :  The Fiercest

There are a few moments in NFL history that have had the power to influence generations, moments that are reminiscent of one of the greatest rivalries to have ever gripped the NFL world. The New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry  is perhaps one of the most talked about rivalries, right from the first time they faced each other in what would turn out to be the beginning of the most heavily sensationalized rivalries of all time.

Rivalry History

The year was 1933 when the Eagles were founded and their rivalry was strengthened when both teams came to the limelight in the 1940’s and the 1950’s. It was in 1951 under the stewardship of Ernie Accorsi that the Giants and Eagles first met.

For Giants fans, the year 1960 holds a special but painful memory. It was then, when the Eagles line backer Chuck Bednarik, also called “Concrete Charlie” knocked out the Giants halfback Frank Gifford with the “infamous” hit in the Eagle’s 17-10 win at Yankee Stadium. Gifford was out of action for 18 months, recovering from a severe concussion.


But for some, this rivalry got sealed in 1978, the year of “The Miracle at the Meadowlands”. The Giants had to take a knee with 20 seconds remaining for a 5-point victory. Offensive coordinator Bob Gibson called for a running play which resulted in quarterback Joe Pisarcik and fullback Larry Csonka fumbling the ball, Eagles cornerback Herm Edwards recovered the ball and touched it down for a record 19-17 win. Thus, for the Eagles fans, that year was familiar to as the “Miracle at Meadowlands” and for the Giants fans, the year of “The Fumble”.

Players, right through the decades, have known to antagonize each other in the build-up to their matches. Division battles have had Giants players posing with Eagles fans, trash-talking on both sides, further fuelling the rivalry. This rivalry has extended beyond the field as well, with fans on both sides letting each other have it. The “old timers” have never really got over the Bednarik Hit, with most of New York hating him.

The Giants fans have always admired Laundry and the former assistant coach, Vince Lombardi. While there has always been contention over the reducing intensity of this rivalry, the times of Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, and Randall Cunningham had more impact on the fans.

Giants vs Eagles Rivalry Schedule 2018-19

Preseason Week  6:

Thursday, October 11 at 8:20p ET
Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants
MetLife Stadium

Regular-Season Week  12

Sunday, November 25 at 1:00p ET
New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles
Lincoln Financial Field

Rivalry Stats

Statistics reveal the quantifiable side of the New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry. As of end 2016,the 2 teams have faced each other about 170 times with the Giants recording 84 wins and the Eagles recording 80 wins in the regular season. Post season records 2 wins for the Giants and 2 for the Eagles, taking the total points tally to 3270 to 3182 favoring the Giants.


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