Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry 2018 (Getty Images)

The Battle of Pennsylvania : Steelers vs Eagles Rivalry

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry  is an antagonism nicknamed “The battle of Pennsylvania”.  It is a rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburg Steelers. It is an inter-state rivalry between two NFL teams in Pennsylvania. However, the Philadelphia Eagles lead the series by  48-28-3.

The Eagles vs. Steelers Rivalry is one of the oldest NFL antagonisms dating back to 1933. The two teams recently met in 2016 at the Lincoln Financial ground where Philadelphia Eagles defeated their rivals 34-3. The two teams were founded in 1933 with the Steelers being the first. The two teams first met on 19th November where the Eagle won 25-6.

Rivalry Analysis

Nowadays, the two teams barely know each other. The might be situated in the same commonwealth. However, their familiarity on the field has been dulled after playing just 11 games since the NFL-AFL merger in the 1970s.Before the merger, the story was entirely different. The face-off between the two teams is not just a normal non-conference game. Its two major rivals located in the same commonwealth. More importantly, it involves some of the best teams in the NFL of since they were founded as far as this is well concerned ever by a number of people who are much involved.

Surprisingly, the Eagles have the highest winning percentage against the Steelers. No one would think about that as the Steelers have recently been more decent for a considerable period now. This requires one to look deeper into details in order to understand the statistics. On 27th October 1968, the 0-6 Pittsburg Steelers hosted the Philadelphia Eagles at the Pitts stadium at a time of O.J. Simpson Bowl. The game lived up to the expectations. The 0-6 Eagles won the game. Since then the Eagle took the lead with players such as Sam Baker making most of the goals.

Significant Games

The most memorable game if the October 27, 1968, game. The Eagles were leading in the first half when Sam Baker made a 38-yard goal gaining additional 29-yard fair catch of the Steelers. On an earlier attempt, the Eagles had tried a fake. However, Joe Scarlatti not only threw an incomplete pass but already over the pass while throwing the ball. It was such kind of a memorable game.

Both teams want to get back on track. However, the Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia rivalry is not a division game. No matter what sport it might be, it seems the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles Rivalry does not have that general hatred .

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