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Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders History

Philadelphia Eagles are not just known for their talented players but because of their sexy and charming cheerleaders. Since the 1980s the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders is the official cheerleading squad of the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football league. Once known as Eaglettes in 1948, they became the Liberty Belles in 1970s before becoming Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. Right now, they have 38 women dancing in a field. Annually, the hold auditions every April at the Kimmel Center and the final audition is aired on their website.

Cheerleaders Selection & Recruitment Process

Right now, the audition for the next members of Philadelphia Eagles is ongoing. There are looking for a member who is high school graduate and 18 years of age. The audition is consist of two parts: Modeling and Dance. The judges will score according to physical fitness, confidence, beauty, dance technique/ routine, choreography, and showmanship. There will be two rounds of elimination until they choose the best girls for the job.

If you are doubting your capabilities, the squad is offering a dance workshop prior to the audition. The workshop will teach you basic techniques that will help you in your audition. The Dance workshop preparation is every Tuesday from 7 PM to 10 Pm while the audition is every Wednesday from 6 to 10 pm

Cheerleaders Salary : How much the Cheerleaders Earn

Each member is paid with an average of $70 to $90 dollars per game it means that they are earning about $500 to $750 dollars per year excluding other benefits. Some of the benefits are photo shoots, public appearances, trade shows and much more including an appearance at the 2012 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. The squad is required to perform in all the game of Philadelphia Eagles and if they make it to the super bowl, the squad will perform in their biggest stage gathering more fans. Aside from that, like other NFL squad, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders also have an annual swimsuit calendar but they also have an android and ios version at $1.99.

Notable Members

There are a lot of notable members of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading. One of them is Beverly Hubscher a former adult film actress and Krystle Campbell. Also, their director, . She also coordinated the squad for Super Bowl XXXIX, the Pro Football hall of fame game.

During the history of our cheerleading, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders has had notable members of the society having been members of our cheerleaders squad, just to name but a few here are;

1. Krystle Campell (2005-2010) wife of Ryan Howard

2. Amie Barsky an actor

3. Nikki Bell an actress and model

4. Gina Cerilli. Miss Pensylvannia USA 2010

6. Barbara Zaun, title holder for Miss USA and Miss America

Audition 2018

Philadelphia Eagles are calling for an open audition at Lincoln Financial Field. The registration will begin at 10 and the judgment will start at 12:30. They require that all of the participants will arrive at 10:30 in the morning. Remember that you should be 18 years old and above and a high school graduate in the time of the audition. You can pre-register for an audition for the processing fee at Ticketmaster while the audition is $15.You can pre-register for an audition for the processing fee at Ticketmaster while the audition is $15.

 Current Members

The current membership of Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders stands at 39 beatifuls women as listed below;


Alex, Alicia Marie, Ally, Amanda Grace, Amanda, Arzice, Danielle, Casey, Cat, Charnei, Christine, Dana, Deona, Diane, Erica, Farrah, Gabriella, Janel, Jenny, Jess, Jessica, Jillian, Juliah, Kayla, Lauren, Malia, Mandi, Marissa, Maurissa, Michelle, Nitara, Rachel, Renee, Sage, Samara, Snow, Stephanie, Symone and Victoria,


Dana, Kodi, Rachel, Nicole, Jenny, Jessica, Ally, Christine And Samara.

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