Philadelphia Eagles Rivals
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NFL already started this year’s conference and all the teams and fans are on heat. A lot of twists and turns happened that was not seen in the last conference. Now, let’s see one of the leading team who are the Philadelphia Eagles Rivals till these days.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants

Eagles and Giants rivalry is always been the best rivalry in NFL. Fans are always anticipating for their game and it will always be worthwhile to watch. Last season, they met in the field thrice and Eagles won two of those game.

The last game they played ended with 24-19 score in favor of the Eagles. Wentz gives an opening for the Eagles in the final quarter giving them the lead of eight points. While another 5 points when Odell Beckham Jr and his company give another field goal while the Giants attempt to turn the table when Eli Manning’s final drive but failed.

Since this rivalry is in heat, there are a lot of speculations about the end result. Having Wentz in the game, it is expected that Philadelphia will be back in its game in no time. On the other hand, the Giants are not yet over from their 17-10 victory from the Los Angeles Ram in London. They are starting to be offensive with their receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

In the past three decades, the Eagles and Cowboys have the highest rivalry in the NFL for the past three decades being in the same conference of NFC East.

The two teams came face to face last January 1, and it was an expected result. The eagle’s loss to the cowboys with a 27-13 final score.

It was such an amazing game for the both teams, but the cowboys already secured a home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Eagles, on the other hand, likes to get the ball to Sproles and act as a runner and receiver and it will be Cowboy’s Lee job to stop him. Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz is still learning his lessons during the game in order to help the team.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins

When the Eagles came face to face with the Redskins, they are still healing their wounds from their three-game losing streak.

Prediction says, that the Redskins have a much better chance to be in the playoffs with one final wild card spot. Eagles, on the other hand, are very thirsty for a win and will do everything to be able to play in the playoffs. Everyone is eyeing on Wentz since the start of the season for he is a rookie quarterback waiting to show more for the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers

With the Pittsburgh, the Eagles and steelers are almost head to head. But the steelers played an outstanding defense in the first two games since the start of the season. They are still waiting for the return of their running back Le’Veon Bell from his suspension. Because  it can greatly help with the success of the team.

The eagles, on the other hand, has a lot of expectation to their rookie quarterback for his great performance last season.

With just a few games left, who will make it to the final game? Stay tuned to find out

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