PHI Eagles YouTube Fans

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Philadelphia Eagles YouTube Fans
Philadelphia Eagles YouTube Fans 2018 (Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles YouTube Fans page hits  7,416 subscribers. The page they can boast to over a million views and hundreds of comments. The team has got such spontaneous supports only being on the site for two years. The page takes a slightly different approach to their Facebook and Twitter pages. The YouTube page is very active, and posts regular updates with training clips, interviews, and history of the team. Each category is organised into its own separate playlist so that fans can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. The fans always get something new to watch in order to support their team.

The videos are a bit more personal than that of the Facebook and Twitter pages.So it creates a greater connection with the fans, who can watch their favourite players laugh and joke in interviews, as well as killing it on the field. The page also posts some very motivating videos, encouraging fans to work hard, do their best, and succeed. These videos make the page feel like a well working team, that fans automatically feel a part of. The page also links to the rest of The Philadelphia Eagles’ social media pages, so fans can take a look at all of the other platforms to follow their team on.

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