Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Review Highlight

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights



Game Analysis: Packers vs Eagles Highlights 2016

The mighty Philadelphia Eagles and the Indomitable Green Bay Packers on Monday night came in both desperate for a win but in the end, the Packers won the match by 27-13. The Packers started with strong energy with Aaron Rodgers leading his crew and managing to get a 10-play, 75 yards of the drive with a reception from Adams Davante who scored a touchdown of 12 yards. All this time the spectators and even the commentators thought that the team was beginning to tire but little did they knew that these two key players, Adams and Rodgers, had just begun the show.

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The Eagles is not a team to underrate too. The team began well too with Wentz Carson coming in strongly to defend the team’s reputation. They managed to score11 plays, 81 yards making it a tie between these two teams.

However, shortly after Wentz tried to get his team coordinated, Adams and Rodgers came in vigorously and this time scoring 75 yards and a touchdown from Adams (20-yard) reception. The Packers had the nice throw and catches.

Coaches’ Remark

The Eagles coach is confident on better performance and that this was a learning point for improving their game. This leaves us to say that the two teams are still rivals who believe in the ability to defeat each other at any moment.The Green Bay Packers team head coach and former player for a long time was impressed with the performance and said that this season he is on a search for quality results and that he will not relent in training his team until the season ends.

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights: Last 5 Games

The table below refers to the Eagles had to give a tough fight against the Packers at the last game since the status quo of last five games is in favor of the Packers.

  1. Nov 28, 2016,  
  2. Nov 16, 2014, 
  3. Nov 10, 2013,  
  4. Jan 01, 2013 
  5. Sep 09, 2010 
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Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Highlights Review

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

Touted as a thrilling showdown between the NFL league’s most promising quarterbacks happened during week 8 with the Cowboys and Eagles 2016. It was an immensely satisfying game with a convincing finish for the Dallas Cowboys with a final score of 29-23. Let’s check out Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

The story of the finals did not start and end last October during the final game of the season. Both teams had their highs and lows throughout the season. The Eagles, although succeeding in ending the season on a high note did struggle against the Bengals before coming back with two straight wins. In spite of a number of injured players, Cowboys played as expected and brought home the win.

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Game Analysis: Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016

Leading the Eagles into a strong win was Carson Wentz who completed 62.8% of his passes for 245 yards with zero interceptions and two touchdowns. Wertz actually broke the NFL record of Sam Bradford for most number of completed passes (379) for a rookie. He has successfully led his team to a more confident and stable position something the Birds were in desperate need of.

In an interview with a first-year head coach for the eagles, Doug Pederson, Wentz knows how to win and lead the team. Pederson declared Wentz and Prescott (of the Cowboys) to potentially be the “NFL’s premier match ups for years to come.” Both players, he says, have the ability to protect the ball.

Putting a brave and inspiring fight for the Cowboys was Jordan Hicks who managed 21 tackles, one forced fumble, one touchdown, one sack, and four interceptions. As a second-year player, Hicks has proven to be worthy of the game and should be considered for Pro Bowl.

The Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016 include a seesaw scoring board with the Cowboys leading 7-3 in the first quarter, Eagles fighting back in the second and third quarters 10-3 and 7-3 respectively before the Cowboys got their act together and came in with a 10-3 fourth quarter finish.

Kudos goes to Dak Prescott who rallied the Cowboys in the last quarter with a 5-yard pass during overtime to give his team the lead. This is Prescott’s sixth straight game as a fill-in for Tony Romo who had to be sidelined due to a back injury. Prescott closed with a 19 of 39 for 287 yards, interception, and two scores.

Coach’s Remark

According to Coach Jason Garrett, Prescott played with a dependable temperament and mentality very similar to the kind of attitude seen in the game’s best players. He says,

“He was outstanding at the end of this ballgame.”

Also worthy of mention is Dez Bryant who cunningly managed four catches, 113 yards, and a 53-yarder that led to the first touchdown for Dallas.

TheCowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016 is a classic story of why football has attracted a large following and continues to grow in popularity.

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights: Last 5 Game

  1. Jan 01, 2017   
  2. Oct 30, 2016,  
  3. Nov 08, 2015  
  4. Sep 20,2015   
  5. Dec 14, 2014,  
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Nigel Bradham Linebacker Philadelphia Eagles

Nigel Bradham Powers Through Opposition On And Off the Field For The Eagles

Nigel Bradham
Nigel Bradham 2017

Bradham’s NFL Career Stats


Bradham’s Earning

Bradham, like most NFL Pros, works hard, trains with commitment and earns every dollar he is paid, which is not a small sum in this professional league with billions of dollars in advertising spend each year. In 2017 his base salary doubles to $4M, with a $750k signing bonus. To date, his cash earnings total $6,905,895. His earnings dwarf his professional career fines of $75,124 for a horse-collar tackle, hitting with his helmet and violating the substance abuse policy.

Nigel Bradham on Twiter

Bradham, a regular on Twitter and Call of Duty player, contributes to a number of non-profits including #1tackle4changefoundation and community outreach for the NFL including the NFL Play 60 events focused on children and youth. his twitter profile has 1,136 tweets, 16.6 k followers.

Follow him @NigelBradham_13

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Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks Game Review Highlights

Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks Review Highlights 2017


This is one of the exciting matches of the 11th week take place at Century Link Field, the Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) being hosted by the Seattle Seahawks (6-2-1). Both of the teams showed their strength evident in their previous wins, and they seem to boost their respective division heading into the stretch of the season run.  Let’s look into the  Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks Review Highlights 2016 to diagnose the key factors.

Previously the Seahawk show a brilliant performance against the New England Patriots with a 31-24 win. Russel Wilson had his best game of the year against the New England whereas Thomas Rawls is expected to return from a leg injury. This result is evident of the team being in great form.

Both of the teams need a win to boost their flagging playoff hopes. The Packers have lost four straight games.  The Eagles are a great number, where every of its team shows a good performance setting a winning record but Philadelphia somehow finds its place in the last place. Having stumbled on a 0-3 record in the division, this makes the blame be themselves.

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Philadelphia Eagles vs Seattle Seahawks Review Highlights: Last 5 Games

The table below shows the Eagles had to give a tough fight against the Seahawks at the last game since the status quo of last five games is in favor of the Seahawks.

  1. 20 Nov
  2.  July  12, 2014:  
  3.  Jan 12, :  
  4.  Feb 11, :  
  5.  Feb 12, :  

Game Analysis: Eagles vs Seahawks Highlights 2016

The first quarter of the match ended up in a tight draw of 7-7, Packers against Eagles although by halftime the Packers managed to go ahead of the Eagles by 14-10 is the score. The second half was a competitive time where the third quarter ended at 17-13, the teams showing their strength. Though the Packers became more aggressive in the game and they show more attacks managing to beat the Eagles by 27-13 at the end of the game. This was a positive result for the team but a disappointment for the Eagles.

In the second quarter, Jordan Matthews left the game suffering a severe ankle injury. DeShawn Shead, Seahawks’ cornerback, suffered a hamstring injury. Jason Peters, Eagles. Left tackle was taken out to get X-rays on his left forearm, but he later returned to the game. C.J. Prosise left with a shoulder injury, making his return to be so questionable. Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles were both ruled out of the rest of the game.

Steven Hauschka managed to join a very historical moment. He missed an extra point kick. He had done kicks 11 times during the week which is a new record. A real magic touchdown pass from Rodgers to Davante Adams was recorded.

Eagles Fans Reaction over the loss

A plethora of Philadelphia Eagles fans could not take the defeat to the Seahawks easily since the team, unfortunately, miss some opportunities to win the game.  The fans got furious for Nelson Agholor dropped a pass in the second quarter. The pass could have easily been a 30-yard gain on a perfectly thrown pass by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz.

Instead of a big score, Agholor had the ball bounce off of his forearms for another drop in a season filled with such drop cases.

After such missed-opportunity, Eagles fans took to Twitter to take out their frustration.

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Philadelphia Eagles App Reviews Live Stream Android

Philadelphia Eagles App Reviews Live Stream Android

Football fans and devoted Philadelphia Eagles followers? Never miss any of their games, whenever you are. No cable subscription? Stuck in an important event? Unable to watch live? Now, be ready to catch with your favorite team live from your android device. You can access any game, anytime, anywhere, with a smartphone or any android device on your hand. It will take you a few seconds to download the perfect app to support your favorite team.

Philadelphia Eagles App Reviews Live Stream Android
Philadelphia Eagles App Reviews Live Stream Android

There are many ways to watch your favorite team’s game online. You can catch them live as well as you can ask for play on demand. You can even watch the best games and moments from the previous seasons. Here our selection of five top useful apps to download through PlayStore.

Let’s start with the official app: the NFL App.

As it name clearly indicates, this app is all about the NFL. From live games, video highlights, latest rumors, you name it, NFL App has it. This app is for the pure addicts. You’ll never miss anything about football as long as NFL App is in your smartphone.

CBS Sport offers you a personalized experience.

List Philadelphia Eagles as your favorite team and you’ll get notifications with their latest updates. Of course, everytime they have a game on air, you’ll be able to watch Philadelphia Eagles them live on your android device.

ESPN App is another great choice.

You can watch our favorite team live or you can replay them on demand as well. This app broadcasts experts’ analysis for the real football fans.

Our third app is LiveStream.

It is the most popular and most downloaded app for the people who like to watch live events. It’s not a pure sport app but it has access to hundreds of thousands of various worldwide live contents including, of course, your favorite football games.

All Sports Live is our last pick.

Dedicated to the South-Asian followers, it broadcast NFL football games as well as soccer and cricket games.

To enhance your sport experience, Eagles Official Mobiles is a real treat for the die-hard fans. It is their official app. Be part of the team’s life and get the real-time and breaking news from your favorite team Philadelphia Eagles. Although, this app doesn’t offer live game, it is a must-have for the fans to share and live their passion daily.

For the best stream quality, a reliable and high speed connection is recommended. A bigger screen allows you to enjoy the game fully. Keep in mind to check with your provider about the details and subscriptions so that you’ll catch everything.