Month: August 2017

Philadelphia Eagles vs Miami Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Game Analysis

Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis

Eagles and Dolphins both teams fans are eagerly waiting for their week 3 preseason game. That’s why Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Week 3 Prediction Analysis is now a burning question. Philadelphia Eagles joined in the NFL from NFC (East) on the other hand, Miami Dolphins are from AFC (East) division. Eagles based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania established in 1933. On the contrary, Dolphins based in Miami Metropolitan Area established in 1965. As a part of the prediction, we discuss their 2016 season record, week 1 preseason stats. week 2 preseason stats, last five games result, their preseason schedule 2017.

Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Schedule 2017

 Eagles vs Dolphins Preseason Prediction

Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins both have their individual strength to win a match. But yet there are a couple of differences between them. Furthermore, Eagles failed to complete their week 1 successfully. On the other hand, Dolphins successfully completed their week 1 with a massive win. Moreover, in all time meeting Dolphins lead the series by 8-6. On the contrary, Eagles are ahead in their last five meetings. Finally, according to the both teams stats, there are 50-50 winning chances between them. Although, Eagles lose the preseason week 1 game but they win Preseason week 2. Similarly, Dolphins on week 1 but lose week 2 games. So, Eagles Dolphins Preseason Prediction goes 50-50 chances of a win for both teams.