The Best Philadelphia Eagles Apps For Android and iPHONE

Philadelphia Eagles Apps
Top Philadelphia Eagles Apps 2018

Are you the ultimate Eagle’s fan? Want the latest news and updates from your favorite team? We’ve compiled a list of the Philadelphia Eagles Top Apps that are supported by both Android and iOS. The Philadelphia Eagles Apps will fix you up with all the Eagles information you could possibly want.

10. Philadelphia Football Live

This app gives you short and sweet headlines concerning your favorite team. It also includes all of the basics such as news, schedules, and scores, plus you know it’s a good app when it gives you the latest recaps and videos. The only reason it takes number 10 is because there are others that are a bit more unique and don’t cost a dime.
Cost: $1.99

Download Philadelphia Football Live for iPHONE

9. Philadelphia Football News

Developer: NDO Sports News
You know it’s a good app when creators are putting together the latest news from the biggest names in sports like ESPN and CBS Sports. It also gives you instant notifications when these updates occur, and lets you share all the good news with you friends and fellow Eagles fans.
Cost: Free

Download Philadelphia Football News For Android 

8. Philadelphia Football: Eagles

Developer: Appburst LLC
Along with the regular goodness such as instant news coverage and a complete season schedule you get a live Tweet feed from players. This app also picks out the best when it comes to game highlights. Finally, you get a bit more for the money you pay, as administrators take the time to update player profiles and give you a nice little history lesson and information on Lincoln Financial Field.
Cost: Free

Download Philadelphia Football: Eagles For Android 

7. Eagles Fan Static

Developer: Social Etc. LLC)
For those of you who love Twitter and can’t get enough of your favorite Eagles’ tweets, this is the app for you. This app is all about Twitter and nearly everyone’s tweets within the Eagles franchise is catalogued in it; players, management, former players, beat writers, you name it, they tweet it. Of course, the app would be incomplete without your tweets as well. You do have to link an active Twitter account in order to use it, but chances are if you are reading this and you love Twitter then that isn’t a problem.
Download from: iTunes
Cost: Free

Download Eagles Fan Static For iPHONE

6. Go Eagles

Developer: Giebler Enterprises
Sometimes simple is a good thing. You open the app and right away you see the Preseason and Season schedule, complete with dates, times, which channel will broadcast the game, and more. It also includes direct links to the NFL’s and the Eagles’ official website, along with a team roster and current NFL standings. Made for Eagles’ fans by an Eagles’ fan in the Philadelphia area, this is a great app for staying in the know without being bombarded by unnecessary information.
Download from: iTunes
Cost: Free

Download Go Eagles For iPHONE

5. FanFeed – Eagles Edition

Developer: AppEase
If you’re all about social media and want more than just Twitter feeds then you need to get this app. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, they can all be found in this app. Easy to navigate and with a cool logo to boot, you can get updates on the latest news no matter what time of the year and from a multitude of different sources.
Download from: iTunes
Cost: Free

Download FanFeed – Eagles Edition For iPHONE

4. Philadelphia Football Alarm

Developer: Pritesh Desai
Have you ever wanted an app that actually counts down by the second when the Eagles next play? Look no further than the Philadelphia Football Alarm. The greatest thing about this countdown is that it can be set to your timezone, meaning you don’t miss a minute due to forgetfulness converting the time to where you will be watching the game. In addition to the countdown it gives you game commentary and and the latest news. The Football Alarm is the 4th of Philadelphia Eagles Apps.
Download from: iTunes and Google Play
Cost: Free

Download Philadelphia Football Alarm For Android 

Download Philadelphia Football Alarm For iPHONE

3. EaglesFanCast

Developer: Wizzard Media
While most of the apps on this list are free one of our top spots has to go to one that you would have to shell out a couple of dollars for. But you get what you pay for. Not only do you get instant updates scores and games, but every episode of the popular web series, EaglesFanCast, is at your fingertips. You can make a list of your favorite videos and even call in to the voicemail hotline. The best part? Free Eagles wallpaper for your phone or tablet!
Download from: iTunes
Cost: $1.99

Download EaglesFanCast For iPHONE

2. Philadelphia Eagles News

With access to breaking news and a complete season schedule this app gives you what you would expect from an Eagles app. But it doesn’t end there. You get links to professional football news, commentary from columnists big and small, and sweet high-resolution photographs of your favorite team. That not enough for you? There’s also photo submission. You can show off your Eagles’ pride to all your fellow fans.
Download from: iTunes
Cost: Free 

Download Philadelphia Eagles News For iPHONE

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Developer: Philadelphia Eagles
You had to have known this would be the top pick. But it’s for all the right reasons. The official app of the Philadelphia Eagles has everything you could possibly want from your favorite team. You have your real time news, on-demand highlights and clips from press conferences, fantasy team rosters, Twitter updates, head-to-head matchups, previews for upcoming games, updates from the best post-game blogs, and more! If you’re a true Eagles’ fan you have this app. If not, then you better go download it right now! The is the best of all Philadelphia Eagles Apps since it is the official one.
Download from: iTunes and Google Play
Cost: Free

Download Philadelphia Eagles For Android 

Download Philadelphia Eagles For iPHONE

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