2 Million Philadelphia Eagles Twitter Fans

Philadelphia Eagles Twitter Fans
Philadelphia Eagles Twitter Fans 2018 (Getty Images)

On Twitter, The Philadelphia Eagles Twitter Fans page has 2.01 Million dedicated followers, massive in comparison to some other NFL teams.The eagle has got  their position of number 13 in the social media rankings. The Twitter page follows similar posting patterns as Facebook. so no matter where the fans are looking, each one will get all the information they need about their team. Posting nearly 10,000 pictures, and tweeting over 39,900 times. Follow @Eagles on Twitter.

The Philadelphia Eagles keeps their page up to date and post regularly.  So the fans can keep themselves up to date with all of the team’s activities. The Philadelphia Eagles keeps up their persona of personable and approachable, retweeting fans pictures and tweets. Hence everyone feels included and recognised. The team have only been on the site since 2010, and already their page has gained such a huge following. It’s not a bit of wonder they’re so popular on the rankings, and we can probably expect them to pick up some more followers in order to work their way up that social media ladder!

Hastags #Eagles

The Eagles uses  the hashtags #Eagles  so that they can have direct contact with fans. Beside the hash tags allows fans to talk to one another about the team. Moreover, All the posts like videos, photos and content sharing comprise of  these hash tags. the hashtags #Eagles goes trendy on twitter off and on.

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Philadelphia Eagles Twitter page

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