Faithful Philadelphia Eagles Football Fans 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Football Fans
Philadelphia Eagles Football Fans 2018 (Getty Images)

Established in 1933, competing in the National Football League, the Philadelphia Eagles are a professional football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The team has played in two Super Bowl games and has also gone on to win three NFL Championships. Although they have been to the NFC Championship game three years in a row, until 2016, they remain the only team not to have won a Super Bowl championship. Thus they have got huge Philadelphia Eagles Football Fans.

Eagles Fans

Acknowledging that the sport is bigger than a game is what a true fan is all about. Football doesn’t build character, it reveals character. As much as Philadelphians believe that theirs is the birthplace of the nation, they also believe that being a sports fan or being a part of a sports club is also part of their identity.

They believe it’s their birth right, and when the Eagles play, nothing else matters. The city is wired for football. They love the game in an absurd way. The national perception is that Philadelphia fans are just lunatics. The fact that they are crazy eagles’ fans is however, is a splendidly justified reputation. The Eagles are precious to the people in this town. They are something like a family heirloom, that’s handed down from generation to generation. And rivalry is intense.

Hot Eagles Fans

They are weird. Hotness doesn’t add too much oomph to the whole scene because the game and the sport is simply too big for anything else to take attention. However, believing in not losing anything, hot’ eagles’ fans are around every match, nevertheless.

Eagles’ NFC Fans

The Philadelphia have successfully won NFC championship three times so far. In Spite of the tougher rivalry with NFC East teams  and with teams from other division, the Philadelphia Eagles has got tremendous support when they represented NFC at Super Bowl  games. The fans of entire NFC teams cheered the team and wish the Eagles would  bring glory for  NFC. Thus the Eagles has got a plenty  of fans by their side during Super Bowls Fight. Lets know more on the Eagles’ NFC championships.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders’ Fans

The Cheerleaders  of Philadelphia Eagles  are mostly popular among the NFL Cheerleaders. Their primary role is cheering at Eagles home games, they also engage in social activities and make awareness raising appearances to events. The mind blowing  performances of the Eagles Cheerleaders have earned them huge  fans.Their  work of cheering the eagles on field and off field,  Audition Videos, Work out, Swim Shoot videos, TV performance etc have attracted the hearts of fans very deeply. The fans yarn for news on Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.

Crazy Eagles Fans

You want to play macho, try walking up to an Eagles fan and say “Dallas Cowboys”. In a split second, fists will clench, nostrils will flare and eyes will turn red. Growling and profanity would follow. Need we discuss more? Eagles fans are the most intimidating fans that the sport has ever witnessed.
Eagles Fans Tailgating

Believe it or not, there are families tailgating together for home football games. Such is the craze, and some of them even do it in style. The most recent one that was heard about is a tailgate hot tub that fans used to beat the cold before an Eagles-Saints playoff game. Yes, literally.

Funny Philadelphia Eagles Fans

As much as they are crazy about the team, they are even funny. There are jokes and funny videos all over the net. For instance, here’s the link to a funny video of an overjoyed fan : Insane Philly Fan!

This video demonstrates a fan’s ecstatic reaction of the Philadelphia Eagles’ win over Dallas Cowboys during playoffs. He clearly illustrates that the winners of today’s playoffs are going to be tomorrow’s champions.

Upsetting Images of Philadelphia Eagles Fans

There are a lot of pictures on the net to showing how upset fans get when a game of Philadelphia Eagles doesn’t go their way. Some of them are disgustingly funny, and some are tearful. Here are a few of them:

Both these pictures represent a game that the Philadelphia Eagles lost. The first picture explains quite precisely why he is what he says he is thinking about the fact that he bought a ticket to watch a losing game. The second picture, although doesn’t explain much through words, shows a lot by the emotions that is being expressed.

The Eagles Fans Shop

The die hard fans of Philadelphia Eagles always continues their support and loyalty toward the the team. their active social media  engagement in portraying the immense popularity of Philadelphia Eagles proves the ingenuity and solidarity towards the team.Thus his the fans never miss to keep this spirit up. Such spirit is also  evident in their colorful apparels (t-Shirts,Cap, Accessories) under the theme of the Philadelphia Eagles. that is why there is huge fans shop are seen at online selling sites. following are the the most popular distention for the fans to buy such products.

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