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For the Eagles, OK is not OK, and good enough isn’t good enough. Good is only a four letter word when you’re reaching for more’. When you’re working for greatness, and all those around you, you work so hard that when you look in the mirror you are proud of who is staring back at you! It’s time to work! It’s show time!

Getting the Eagles back to Philadelphia – Brandon Brooks’ Return – Inside the Training Camp – The Eagles’ way under Doug Person: Fear nothing and attack everything – Press Passes – Practice Highlights – Cheerleaders – For all this and more videos and headlines, you have touched down at the right website – The Eagles’ Video Pages.

Eagles Videos
For a summary of all that you want to follow on the Eagles’ updates, this is the site. From Press conferences, latest news on Inside training camp, practice highlights, post practice 1 on 1 sessions, this link has all the videos that you’d be looking forward to watch. You can also find videos on different forums like  Eagles 360’,  Eagles Game Plan’, Inside the Eagles’, among other things.
Eagles Highlights (
If you need to get to know the story of an entire game in a few bites, this is the link. It’s got videos on Top Highlights, Top Plays, Top 5 Videos, Story of the game videos, and week in review videos.

Eagles Funny Videos
Philadelphia Eagles do come out with some funny videos every now and then, depending on what they receive from their fans. However, there are also a lot of funny videos that you can enjoy on the net. Just google Philadelphia Eagles Funny Videos, and there you are, a whole lot of them.

Cheerleaders Videos
The one link that you don’t want to miss! While there’s action on the field for every game, there’s some action off the field with the cheerleaders’ tremendous support! Photos and Videos of Cheerleaders are all up here. There is also information on Cheerleader appearances, highlights, and also videos on getting to know the Director and Choreographer of the cheerleaders, Barbara Zaun and Suzy Zucker.
#Fly, Eagles fly!