Reg Week 2: Eagles vs Chiefs Football Prediction

NFL Reg Week 2 Game Battle: Eagles Chiefs Prediction
Eagles vs Chiefs Reg Week 2

Chiefs host Eagles on NFL week 2 game on Sunday afternoon.Eagles Chiefs meet with each other after a solid win.So, Eagles Chiefs both are in a cold temper. The team Eagles come up with a ticklish win over Redskins. On the contrary, Chiefs coming off an aesthetic win against Patriots. Now they both meet with each other on Sunday afternoon. So, Eagles Chiefs game prediction is now a burning question to the fans. In order to give Eagles Chiefs game prediction, we have to analyze their previous NFL stats. We will analyze their 2016 NFL Stats and last five head to head match stats in this regard.

NFL Reg Week 2 Game Battle: Eagles vs Chiefs Prediction

Since 1972-2013 Eagles and Chiefs meet for 7 times. In those games, Eagles lead the series by 4-3. Eagles Chiefs both have the capability to grab the match on their own side. Because they both have the almost same strength to win a certain match. Their 2016 NFL stats also plays a vital role in this regard. In 2016 NFL Philadelphia won 7 and lose 9 games. On the contrary, Kansas City won 12 and lose only 4 games. Moreover, Philadelphia Kansas City both are in the same condition so far in NFL 2017. Because in preseason and reg week 1 both the teams are in the same position. Furthermore, in preseason Philadelphia Kansas City both won 2 and lose 2 games. Similarly, they both keep their winning flow in reg week 1. So, Eagles Chiefs Prediction goes 60% winning chances of Kansas City Chiefs.

PHI Eagles At KC Chiefs Kick-Off Time & Venue

Week 1 Philadelphia Eagles 30 vs  Washington Redskins 17 Results:

Eagles Redskins reg week 1 game held on Sunday. Where Eagles show their caliber by doing a brilliant stuff in that game. Although in week 1 prediction express that Redskins will win, Eagles win miraculously. According to their previous stats Redskins were far ahead than Eagles. But in 2017 NFL Eagles strikes and win with valor. In 1st quarter Eagles strikes and score 07 and Redskins score 0. Secondly, Washington scores 14 and Philadelphia score 09. Thirdly both score 3. Finally, in 4th quarter Eagles score 11 but Redskins score nil.

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