Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Highlights Review

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights
Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

Touted as a thrilling showdown between the NFL league’s most promising quarterbacks happened during week 8 with the Cowboys and Eagles 2016. It was an immensely satisfying game with a convincing finish for the Dallas Cowboys with a final score of 29-23. Let’s check out Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights 2016

The story of the finals did not start and end last October during the final game of the season. Both teams had their highs and lows throughout the season. The Eagles, although succeeding in ending the season on a high note did struggle against the Bengals before coming back with two straight wins. In spite of a number of injured players, Cowboys played as expected and brought home the win.

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Game Analysis: Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016

Leading the Eagles into a strong win was Carson Wentz who completed 62.8% of his passes for 245 yards with zero interceptions and two touchdowns. Wertz actually broke the NFL record of Sam Bradford for most number of completed passes (379) for a rookie. He has successfully led his team to a more confident and stable position something the Birds were in desperate need of.

In an interview with a first-year head coach for the eagles, Doug Pederson, Wentz knows how to win and lead the team. Pederson declared Wentz and Prescott (of the Cowboys) to potentially be the “NFL’s premier match ups for years to come.” Both players, he says, have the ability to protect the ball.

Putting a brave and inspiring fight for the Cowboys was Jordan Hicks who managed 21 tackles, one forced fumble, one touchdown, one sack, and four interceptions. As a second-year player, Hicks has proven to be worthy of the game and should be considered for Pro Bowl.

The Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016 include a seesaw scoring board with the Cowboys leading 7-3 in the first quarter, Eagles fighting back in the second and third quarters 10-3 and 7-3 respectively before the Cowboys got their act together and came in with a 10-3 fourth quarter finish.

Kudos goes to Dak Prescott who rallied the Cowboys in the last quarter with a 5-yard pass during overtime to give his team the lead. This is Prescott’s sixth straight game as a fill-in for Tony Romo who had to be sidelined due to a back injury. Prescott closed with a 19 of 39 for 287 yards, interception, and two scores.

Coach’s Remark

According to Coach Jason Garrett, Prescott played with a dependable temperament and mentality very similar to the kind of attitude seen in the game’s best players. He says,

“He was outstanding at the end of this ballgame.”

Also worthy of mention is Dez Bryant who cunningly managed four catches, 113 yards, and a 53-yarder that led to the first touchdown for Dallas.

TheCowboys vs Eagles Highlights 2016 is a classic story of why football has attracted a large following and continues to grow in popularity.

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