Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Review Highlight

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights



Game Analysis: Packers vs Eagles Highlights 2016

The mighty Philadelphia Eagles and the Indomitable Green Bay Packers on Monday night came in both desperate for a win but in the end, the Packers won the match by 27-13. The Packers started with strong energy with Aaron Rodgers leading his crew and managing to get a 10-play, 75 yards of the drive with a reception from Adams Davante who scored a touchdown of 12 yards. All this time the spectators and even the commentators thought that the team was beginning to tire but little did they knew that these two key players, Adams and Rodgers, had just begun the show.

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The Eagles is not a team to underrate too. The team began well too with Wentz Carson coming in strongly to defend the team’s reputation. They managed to score11 plays, 81 yards making it a tie between these two teams.

However, shortly after Wentz tried to get his team coordinated, Adams and Rodgers came in vigorously and this time scoring 75 yards and a touchdown from Adams (20-yard) reception. The Packers had the nice throw and catches.

Coaches’ Remark

The Eagles coach is confident on better performance and that this was a learning point for improving their game. This leaves us to say that the two teams are still rivals who believe in the ability to defeat each other at any moment.The Green Bay Packers team head coach and former player for a long time was impressed with the performance and said that this season he is on a search for quality results and that he will not relent in training his team until the season ends.

Green Bay Packers vs Philadelphia Eagles Review Highlights: Last 5 Games

The table below refers to the Eagles had to give a tough fight against the Packers at the last game since the status quo of last five games is in favor of the Packers.

  1. Nov 28, 2016,  
  2. Nov 16, 2014, 
  3. Nov 10, 2013,  
  4. Jan 01, 2013 
  5. Sep 09, 2010 
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